MKS Virtual Solution

Our specialization

The MKS Way

For over 10 years MKS has partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions and other micro call center businesses to help meet the needs of customer care. Today we have a network presence in the US and Canada. As a result, we are a flexible, on-demand database of tens of thousands of brand advocates always ready to provide the highest quality customer experience for our clients.

Our well diverse call center contractors are highly educated, mature, and engaged, which leads to lower churn rates and higher job satisfaction than our competitors. Ultimately, this results in above average customer satisfaction and enables a land and expand business model.

The Demands

Having the ability to tap into passionate brand advocates from all over North America and Canada, we are able to create a large network of virtual mini offices and their passionate brand advocates as a disruptive evolution to customer management. There are no geographic limitations once contracted with MKS and you’ll have access to top Fortune 500 companies to service. Whether your talent is in sales, customer service, technical support, or other services. MKS mini crowdsourcing capabilities provide you access to hundreds of large companies seeking your services and specialized resources that are relevant to their needs and customer demands.


Customers prefer to speak with a professional who shares commonalities, which builds advocacy. MKS and its agents bring their business acumen to every interaction to deliver successful experiences to companies and their customers. Often, our Client Support Professionals are customers of that particular company, which means customers are servicing customers. Our Client Support Professionals comes from specific groups including:
Working At Home
Working at home on a laptop.


MKS Virtual Solution is your homebound customer service solution. We connect great talents with top companies seeking customer service representatives. We will leverage your position by providing the best technology to further expand your reach and your ability to service fortune 500 companies in the comfort of your own home office.

Careers at MKS Virtual Solution

Work Opportunity
We offer legitimate business opportunities from the comfort of your own home. MKS Inc. Virtual Solution provides hundreds of people the chance of earning income, flexible hours and achieving home and work balance right from home.

We are seeking motivated and friendly Customer Service Professionals to work for our clients and their customers.

Working from home will save you thousands of dollars per year by avoiding cost associated with commuting back and forth to work.

Interview Process
After submitting a request form, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. The interview process is 100% virtual and is designed to review your experience, test your skills and help to determine if work at home Customer Support Professional is right for you. This interview process may last one hour or more and it is done by telephone in front of your computer.

Once an interview is scheduled, please be prepared to be;

  • In a noise free environment
  • On a phone that has mute capabilities
  • In front of a computer with internet connection
  • Able to perform required task asked by your interviewer
  • Able to answer questions about past employment
  • Able to communicate in a professional manne